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Apps for Government Jobs

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Apps for Government Jobs

If you’re currently looking for a job or thinking about transitioning to a different career, you might want to take a look at federal job openings available in your area. Landing a position in any government office does not only offer security and stability, but also the chance to better yourself. Federal job opportunities allow you to take your career to the next level and take on different roles. You can help save lives, sustain the environment, serve your country, and do meaningful work while earning good money.

The question is, how do you find a job with the federal government? It’s similar to finding any other job. You can join job fairs, surf the internet, or use specific applications to search for job postings. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Nowadays, you can speed up your job hunting with the help of technology. Here are some of the websites used by job seekers like you:

  • USAJobs.gov – this is the official employment site of the federal government. By using this tool, you can easily search and apply for federal jobs in your area. It’s also easy to use – you just create a profile and immediately explore the opportunities available. Don’t forget to upload your professional resume and other application documents to make your profile appealing to recruiters searching the database. Here, you may also save your favorite job searches to receive email updates about them.
  • Veteran’s Employment Resource Center – this website contains tools and resources for all U.S. Veterans. If you’re from the military and would like to make a career shift, this is the perfect place to look for job opportunities, benefit programs and training assistance for private sector employment.
  • Foreign Service Careers – this is where you can find information on foreign job openings. The best way to go overseas today is to get a position as a Peace Corps volunteer. The application process for this can be quite demanding, but the rewards are plenty.
  • Makingthedifference.org – this site describes public service jobs, duties, and compensation, etc. It has an updated list of federal job openings, and you can also get advice on how to apply for each position.

The USA Jobs website is where you can conduct job searches. However, if you have a specific federal job in mind, it is best to look for information on its website. For example, if you want to be a part of the FBI team, look into the DHS website or if you want to work in the post office, go to USPS Careers.

Getting the Federal Job of Your Dreams

To land a position in any government agency, the first thing to do is to acquaint yourself with it. Each department of the government has its purpose. Look for the one that interests you and matches your skill set and work experience. Utilize the right tools and websites to expedite your search and get useful information. Talk to family and friends who work for the government or expand your network through social media platforms. Update your resume and make sure to use government terminology in highlighting your skills. You can also get assistance from a professional resume writer to help you tailor your federal application.

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