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Armed and Ready: 5 Websites To Help You Prep for the Job Hunt

Armed and Ready: 5 Websites To Help You Prep for the Job Hunt

Job hunting is not called “hunting” because it’s easy. It’s a competitive game that pits you against people you don’t even know. It can also be a long and arduous process, fraught with frustrations and disappointments.

There is no cut and dried way to hunt for a job; different people land jobs in different ways. What is common among their experience are the various skills they used. Some of these skills can be learned at school. Most, however, are unique to job hunting.

Job hunters need adequate preparation, from scouting for the right employers to spotting open posts and clinching the job. If you’re a fresh graduate, a veteran, or an experienced employee seeking a better opportunity, your first step will be to arm yourself with the skills and knowledge.

There are a number of websites that offer valuable resources for job hunting. While waiting on callbacks and pushing your way through screening procedures, update your skill set with these 5 web resources that caught the our eye.

1.The Undercover Recruiter

This UK-based website is an online compilation of quick and easy-to-read articles related to jobs. The website has 8 sections: Career Management, Employer, Interview Tips, Recruiting, Job Search, Resume & CV Writing, Social Media, and Technology. This one-stop resource will provide you with job hunting news, as well as tips and trends written by recruiting experts.

2. Recruiting Animal

If you are an auditory learner, check out podcasts on the Recruiting Animal. This website features speeches from various leaders in the recruitment business, providing insights on the hiring process. This website lets you get into the head of recruiters, helping you understand how their minds work and how you can present yourself as the candidate they want.

3. Career Rocketeer

Established in 2009, this website aims to “fuel the dreams of go-getters” and help them achieve the careers they want. Career Rocketeer compiles useful information on career advancement around the Web and builds a network of job seekers all over the globe. In this website, you will get more than information. You will also be part of a community that supports job seekers in their career journey.

4. The Interview Guys

Jeff and Mike Simpson are The Interview Guys, two career coaches who specialize in acing interviews. The blog contains important lessons the Jeff and Mike learned during their careers. The posts are written in an engaging conversational manner, making you feel as if you are consulting directly with them.

5. Life After College

Fresh graduates don’tt have to fret over job applications if they read the Life After College blog. Curated by Jenny Blake, it features articles written specifically for recent graduates, offering tips on networking, job search, managing finances while looking for a job, and others.

People in between jobs cannot afford to be lax. They need to prepare and continuously train to get ahead of the job race.  With the proper guidance and determination, the job hunt could end successfully and get you where you want to be — in a fulfilling job that lets you be productive and contribute to your bottom line.



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