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What Are Federal Job Benefits

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What Are Federal Job Benefits

Finding a stable decent job nowadays can be a little bit challenging because of stiff competition in the workforce. There are just too many brilliant and skillful people that can fit well to the demand of the market when it comes to employment. One good example for this an employment in the Federal Government. Many people are aspiring to work in a federal government position.

Applying for a Federal Government Position

There are multiple employment opportunities in the government. In fact, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) cited thousands of job vacancies in its website USAJobs.com. In applying for such federal positions, however, there are some specific requirements that the applicant should accomplish or should have. This includes educational attainment, working experiences and good moral character. Because of this, one has to sell himself/herself hard to the employer – and the first way to do this is by having an effective resume.

What Are Federal Job Benefits?

One should seek the expertise and guidance of Career Ladders, Inc., a certified federal resume writer, in order to come-up with an effective and brilliant resume. In this way, one can eventually land a federal job and can enjoy the following benefits as a federal employee:

  • Healthcare – Federal employees can enjoy the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) which includes life insurance, dental plans, and care plans that are in long-term basis.
  • Retirement benefits – One can enjoy retirement benefits from the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) or the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS)
  • Leave with payments – This includes twenty-six days paid vacation leave, paid federal holidays and thirteen days of sick leave annually.
  • Family-Oriented Plans – Federal employees can have flexible working time that allows them to spend some time with their families. Others also opt for teleworking wherein they can work at home; hence, reducing the time spent for commuting. Most federal employees – if asked what are federal job benefits that they like most – this is the benefit that they like best in a daily basis.

The Federal Resume Writer

There are several ways to apply for a federal job. Others checked on the website while some personally inquire federal offices about job vacancies. The Federal Government’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM) posts thousands of job vacancies on its official website www.USAJobs.gov.

Above and everything else, however, a comprehensive and concise resume is the most important thing as the first step in applying for a federal job. The Federal Resume Writer helps people in developing and producing an effective resume for USAJobs.gov and provides Career Transition services. It provides professional resumes that allow applicants to land a federal employment despite the stiff competition in the industry.

Aside from producing brilliant resumes, the company also provides the following services:

  • Career Transition Coaching
  • Cover or Application Letters
  • Coaching or Rehearsals for Job Interviews
  • Resume keywords and/or accomplishments
  • Submission of USA jobs posting

In Career Ladders, Inc., the job seekers are not left thinking and dreaming on what are federal job benefits. This company makes these dreams come to reality.

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