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Knowledge is Key: How to Negotiate Federal Job Offer

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Knowledge is Key: How to Negotiate Federal Job Offer

Federal government is the largest employer in America. The United States Government employs close to three million people—that’s about two percent of the country’s labor force. Many want to apply in government. For one, it’s the most stable job in the country, since there is no danger that the government will go bankrupt. Now, this is not to say that the government will never get to a point where it will downsize, because it does. Each department in government has a budget and hiring of employees will depend on necessity and availability of budget.

Speaking of budget, know how to negotiate federal job offer by getting the right information. You have to know about the general schedule of salary grades. If you’re applying for a certain position, know the annual salary allotment for that position. Say you are applying for a position that pays between $40,000 and $50,000 annually. If you don’t negotiate, the government may just give you the lowest amount. Although, the federal government is also fair. It will not give you the lowest salary if you have the basic requirements and more. But you know yourself better. Arm yourself with the appropriate ammunition and you can get the higher range—maybe not $50,000 but at least close.

But first, you have to bag that federal job. And in order to do that, you need the experts on your side: Federal Resume Writer. The company comprises experts in creating federal resumes that will make you attractive for federal jobs. It has the legal and intellectual standing to assist people in putting their best forward. And if the company can help you land jobs, then it can help you negotiate federal job offer.

How to negotiate federal job offer? Here are some ideas:

  • Hit them with experience. Tell the human resource specialist of your X number of experience doing X kind of specialization. But please don’t lie. You may pad your experience a bit, make it better than it actually is, but don’t lie—remember that the government has the resources to verify. Also, get to the records. If you had exceptional grades in college, that would be great negotiation ammunition.
  • Tell your specialist about your past salary and tell them you should at least get 10 percent more than that.
    Talk about relocation expenses. If you’re applying for a new position and it involves new expenses and possible change in zip code, then you can use this as a valid argument.
  • Say another employer is willing to pay you more for the skills and knowledge you possess critical to the company.
    Think outside the box. You don’t have to limit your negotiating abilities with money. You can ask for additional perks i.e. reimbursement of student loans.

Note that knowing how to negotiate federal job offer is also an exhibition of your argumentative skills or your aggressiveness—two qualities that can be considered assets in working for government. If you have the verbal ability that convinces your human resources specialist that you deserve a better pay than they are first willing to offer, then they would not want you on the opposite side.

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