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How Long Should a Federal Resume Be

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How Long Should a Federal Resume Be

No matter what job you are applying for, it is never wise to write a 20-page long resume. Your application will come across as boring if you submit that. A federal resume is just one of the three documents that government agencies require from their applicants. If you’re unsure of how to write one, please refer to the following tips below.

In-Depth Yet Concise

There may be different schools of thought in writing a federal resume, but one thing’s for sure – it should clearly explain your skills, past responsibilities and accomplishments. It should run at least two to five pages. You need to provide as much detail about yourself and your job experience, but be concise. Only mention education or experiences that are related to the position at hand. Avoid using acronyms and delete unnecessary details that may confuse your prospective employer. Always remember that the quality of the information you provide is more important than the quantity.

Customize It to the Position You are Applying For

It is quite tempting to put in all your education and work experience details to qualify for various positions. However, this may confuse the reader, and you might end up not getting an interview at all. Tailor your federal resume by focusing on the requirements and qualifications that the company is looking for. Clearly demonstrate that you have all the specific skills needed for the job. Try to mirror the language used in the job announcement to emphasize your willingness and qualifications.

Always Double Check Your Spelling and Grammar

One of the reasons why federal agencies refuse to hire an applicant is frequent grammatical and spelling errors in their resumes. If you’re not sure about what you’ve written, please use a word processor or ask a professional to check it before submission. By doing so, you can be a step ahead of your competitors.

Don’t Be Shy

Writing your federal resume is not the time to be humble or discreet. Sell yourself and your achievements and give your prospective employer a reason to pick you as the best candidate. Think of all the activities that you have done to make you qualified for the job. Including the actual measures of your skills and highlighting your performance metrics will help you go a long way.

Appearance is Everything

After you have customized and spell-checked your resume, take a good look at it and make sure it looks appealing to the reader. Is it spaced appropriately? Have you included enough headings? Is it easy to read? These are just some of the questions that you should ask yourself while assessing your federal resume. Always remember that your resume can either make or break your employer’s first impression of you.

When applying for a job, make sure that you take note of the important key words in the announcement. Include words that match these keywords and eliminate jargons that your prospective employer may not understand. Boast about your accomplishments, but be truthful. And most importantly, exhibit a positive attitude because the reader will feel your enthusiasm upon reading your resume.

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