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Military Assistance Programs

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Military Assistance Programs

Being in the service has a lot of advantages. Aside from having access to special training and resources, you can also get assistance for various programs. For example, if you’re experiencing financial difficulties, VFW id ready to help. VFW or Veterans of Foreign Wars is a non-profit veterans service organization that offers many programs and services to support veterans, service members and their families and the communities across the globe.

VFW has helped in funding the creation of the Vietnam, Korean War, World War II, and Women in the Military Service memorials. It is the first veterans’ group that offered funds to build the new Disabled Veterans for Life Memorial. The organization also supports the construction of the National Desert Storm War Memorial since 2015.

Above all, the organization provides financial grants to veterans, service members and military families that face financial difficulties through its ‘Unmet Needs’ program. This program is specifically created to assist American military families who have unexpected financial difficulty because of deployment or work-related injury. VFW can give up to $5,000 for basic life needs with no repayment required. The organization lives by this motto: The needs of our veterans, service members and their families should never go unmet. Let us offer you a hand up when you need it!

Easter Seals, on the other hand, assists veterans in finding jobs. The organization understands that the needs of veterans, service members, and families are evolving which is why they work to identify each and come up with the best solution. Easter Seals offers assistance for learning, recreation, and mental health. But it focuses more on work which is comprised of three major programs – Employment & Training, Veteran Reintegration and Senior Career Employment. They help veterans, the elderly and people with disability find a meaningful job.

Easter Seals can help you identify your job skills, especially the ones valuable in today’s workforce. They have people-centered employment services and have connections with other organizations that provide assistive technology and accessible transportation. So if you’re a veteran who’s having a hard time finding a job, contact your local Easter Seals to get help right away.

The AILA Military Assistance Program is a collaboration of 2 different bodies: LAO (Legal Assistance Offices) and JAG (Judge Advocate General). Each organization has its purpose. The LAOs provide free assistance to active duty service members and their families, and JAG attorneys are trained to handle complex immigration legal questions. Together, they have been providing invaluable resources, knowledgeable pro bono legal counsel, and peace of mind to the members of the United States Armed Forces. Through AILA Map’s selfless commitment, veterans, service members, and their families have been enjoying continued protection and freedom on a daily basis.

There are many organizations that provide military assistance programs and services in the U.S. Each has its purpose. But there are also other groups that offer multiple assistance programs. The United States is the largest contributor of military assistance not only within the country but worldwide. In fact, it provides help to over 150 different countries every year.

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