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New Graduate Resume Writing

The new graduate resume is complex.

Unlike experienced working professionals, to truly sell a new grad, you’ve got to pick up and examine every piece of the puzzle that makes up their story. This unique approach allows you to turn basic new grad data into extraordinary story-telling that gets results.
You also have to connect with the fact that most graduates are struggling with the belief they have little to offer beyond a “degree” and no idea what they know or how to express it.
So, it’s like a hunting expedition but it can reap the greatest of rewards! We evaluate your background and prior jobs, including volunteering. You truly have something to offer but it does need the help of someone who is the expert.
The recent graduate feels hopeless and scared.
Luckily, there are people like me.
We will uncover a system to perfect the new grad resume.

• We eliminate the stress as we create and develop the best resume for you.
• We are puzzle solvers.
• There are many great job titles to explore and we show you how.

Please call today and take a leap of faith by letting us get you in the right direction!

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