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Military to Civilian Transition Training


This training program may be adapted to the needs of the individual or group of students.

Program I – 2 hour session – Understanding Job Titles in the Civilian World

This training program begins with providing many resources for finding jobs, specifically for returning military and veterans. They will gain an understanding on how to examine veteran preference advantage of which they are entitled regarding Federal jobs. In addition, military/veterans will gain a better understanding on how to transition military job titles to civilian titles. Several tools are available to connect military to the right job such as Onetonline.org Crossroads, VAforvets.va.gov and others. Extensive instruction will be provided to assist with positions that are a good match based on military and education backgrounds from Wage Grade (blue collar) to professional/administrative GS 5/9/11 government jobs.

Program II – 2 hour Session – Where The Jobs Are

Instruction is provided on the many veteran programs and resources available for locating jobs from recent graduate/student programs, apprenticeships, internships and trainee jobs leading to job security. Providing statistics and federal agency professional career fields including Security and Protection, IT, Administration and Program Management, Budget Analyst, Human Resources and many more. Ultimately, opening doors and employment opportunities for veterans (http://data.wherethejobsare.org).

Program III – 2 hour Session – Creating a Key Word Resume is Critical

Instruction on developing a core competency and key word blended resume is critical in today’s highly computerized and customized job search systems monitored by the multiple agencies and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The instruction provided will include:

  • Methods for evaluating job postings for a matchup of criteria.
  • Developing statements to demonstrate proven experience with a blend of demonstrated accomplishments to address the specialized experience.
  • Work experience based on military and academic accomplishments (include your GPA if it’s over 3.0)
  • Skills and experience gained during internships and Work Study programs.
  • Other related accomplishments (military awards, recognition, winning competitions etc.)
  • Work History (include unpaid work and volunteerism if it relates to your target positions)

Overall the 6-hour “Military to Civilian Transition Job Search Survival” program will result in a positive job search experience for returning service members and veterans.


The federal government is the largest employer in the US, with jobs located all over the US and the world.

This year, in 2015, the federal government will be adding 72,000 new employees to recover from the losses of the previous years. (Federal Times article)

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