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Job Search Training

Job Search Training

for Top Career Opportunities


Looking for a job requires skills from researching open posts to preparing documents to acing the interviews. Competition is fierce, especially for unique jobs in the federal government. Get ahead of the crowd and prepare for the race with help from federal employment experts such as Federal Resume Writer.

Job Search Skills Training

To Beat the Competition

Job search may seem simple, but there are techniques and competencies that actually make a difference between getting hired and not. According to a Penn State University study, job seekers who go through career training programs are twice more likely to get hired than those who haven’t. This proves that coaching and counseling are indeed effective in making someone more eligible than other candidates.

To stand out from the numerous job seekers, you must present yourself well to potential employers and display the skills demanded of your target job . You should emphasize the skills which most employers look for when researching new job postings:

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Teamwork
  • Technical Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Analysis and Investigation
  • Written and Oral communication
  • Planning and organizing
  • Flexibility
  • Time Management

Besides coaching you on interviews and resume-writing, Federal Resume Writer will also help you match your skill set to the appropriate job vacancy, make the right connections, and seek the proper assistance from government agencies. We provide training for job seekers and assistance for federal employees seeking promotion. Our affordable training packages provide more people with options to expand their careers.


Job Search Coaching

from Federal Employment Experts

Finding the right job takes hard work and patience. Even if your potential employer tells you that the company needs to hire ASAP, the hiring process can still drag on for months. Having the right qualifications does not seal the deal either, as some candidates may turn up with similar or more impressive work experience than you.

Here are a few simple tips to help you cope with the difficulties of job hunting:

  • Plan your search. Whatever post you are looking for, be sure to set goals, make a timeline, and draw steps towards achieving your objective. Decide what you need to have a successful job search such as funds and career consultation.
  • Look for support. Job hunting takes time, and time means money. If you are a veteran, check out the benefits and assistance available to help you jumpstart your search.
  • Exhaust all search venues. Go online, explore job fairs, visit American Job Centers, scour the ads. For more information on federal jobs, visit www.usajobs.gov.
  • Connect to a wide network. The right connections can point you to the right job, so make sure you cast a wide net. Take note of all the people you encounter during job interviews and job searches and their contact for future references.
  • Submit an outstanding resume. Everything that your employer needs to know about you should be found in your resume. Write a brilliant resume that highlights your strengths and qualifications for the job.
  • Improve your interview skills. Be prepared for job interviews through practice and coaching from experts.

Give job hunting your best shot and further your chances of employability by getting the appropriate counsel for your career. Consult with career advancement experts and turn your job leads to federal employment.

Job Search Help

from Federal Resume Writer

Career opportunities may be abundant, but without the right attitude and skills, you may find yourself lost in the maze towards federal employment. Increase your confidence by enrolling in a job search training program, and land your dream federal job.

For your career consultation needs, go to Federal Resume Writer. We offer low-cost job search training to all; especially professionals, veterans, retired service men and women, and persons with disabilities. Our services have been used by the IRS, the US Coast Guard, and the FBI.

Get primed for job hunting! Seek job search training from Federal Resume Writer. Call 1-888-247-3786 today!


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