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A Senior Executive position in the federal government offers opportunities to serve our nation by  leading and directing the activities of some 75 federal agencies in all branches of government. These positions, which occur just below the Presidential appointee level, require top-notch skills and are, therefore, well compensated. Qualifications for executive positions are stringent and applications go through a rigorous screening and selection process.

If you are qualified to serve as a critical link between the Federal workforce and Presidential appointees  in a Senior Executive position, consultation with Federal Resume Writer can help you prepare for the next big step in your career.

SES Consulting Services

Get Hired as a Government Executive

The Senior Executive Service (SES) is a crucial part of the government, established in 1978 through the Civil Service Reform Act. It encompasses all managerial, policy, and executive positions above General Schedule grade 15 and other similar positions in the executive branch of the US government.

The pay scale (2015) for members of the SES starts at:

  • SES Level 1 – $203,700
  • SES Level 2 – $183,300
  • SES Level 3 – $168,700
  • SES Level 4 – $158,700
  • SES Level 5 – $148,700

There are four types of SES appointments:

  • Career appointments – Candidate must possess qualifications approved by the Qualifications Review Board (QRB) convened by OPM
  • Non-career appointments – An appointment is approved on a case by case basis.
  • Limited Term Appointment – An appointment may last for up to 3 years, depending on the nature of the project.
  • Limited Emergency Appointment – An appointment can last 18 months.

The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM),  assists Federal agencies in developing, selecting and managing Federal executives. OPM’s mission is to “make the Federal government America’s model employer for the 21st century.” SES positions are listed on OPM’s website, USAJobs.gov. OPM gathers the applications and forwards them to the hiring agency. Individual agencies make preliminary SES candidate selections and return the executive core qualifications of selected candidates back to OPM where a Qualifications Review Board (QRB) assesses and certifies them. An independent QRB must certify any candidate’s executive core qualifications before he or she can be appointed as a career member of the SES.

Our consulting services can significantly bolster your chances of landing an SES position. We will help you prepare an exceptional resume and executive core qualifications statements that will prove your credibility and competence for the job you want.

Executive Career Coach

: Be Guided By Industry Experts

Leading the nation’s army of civil servants is a tall order.

Senior Executives perform the following functions:

  • Direct the work of one organizational unit
  • Supervise other employees
  • Exercise vital policy-making and other related functions
  • Monitor progress toward organizational goals
  • Hold accountability for the success of a specific program or project

Federal Resume Writer will help you understand the challenges and demands of federal jobs, including the Senior Executive Service, so you can make the right decisions for your career.  Our career coaches are experts in training Federal agency personnel in career advancement, and our ten years of experience includes providing training for the US Coast Guard, FBI, and the IRS.

Executive Career Services

by Federal Resume Writer

At Federal Resume Writer, our passion is helping people land their dream jobs. We create impressive resumes and technical documents required for applications and job inquiries. Our services also include coaching and training to increase your confidence in pursuing your career.

We offer all these services at affordable professional rates to everyone, including servicemen and women, veterans, long-time federal employees, and new applicants. We believe everyone should be afforded equal career opportunities and this is our way of fulfilling that vision.

Start building your career with Federal Resume Writer. Let our expert services help you land the executive position you want! Call us at (888) 247-3786 today!


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