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Resume writing for executives/CEOs is referred to as Senior Executive Service. Career Ladder, Inc. will provide qualified Certified Resume Writers to assist with a complete professional package, which includes resume writing and analyzing announcements to determine a career goal/match as well as with the complexities involved with ECQs.

Executive Core Qualifications:

* ECQ 1 : Leading Change
* ECQ 2 : Leading People
* ECQ 3 : Results Driven
* ECQ 4 : Business Acumen
* ECQ 5 : Building Coalitions

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Senior Executive Service Resume Writing Service:

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The Senior Executive Service (SES) is the uppermost tier of federal government employment and, thus demands the very best skills and capabilities available. A senior executive must not only possess exceptional leadership and administrative acumen coupled with broad government knowledge, a set of democratic values and a strong commitment to public service, but must be able to demonstrate those attributes through a truly exceptional resume and sound Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) statements. Many people apply for the SES, but few qualify and even fewer are hired.

SES Resume Experts:

Engage the services of qualified, certified SES resume professionals

A professional SES resume writer can help you navigate the intricacies of the application process and significantly increase your hiring potential. At Federal Resume Writer, we have the knowledge and experience to help you succeed in your quest for the top. We are experts at writing SES resumes and ECQs.

Executive Core Qualifications

Well-written ECQs are a key factor in the SES resume process. According to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) as stated on the USA Jobs website, “the ECQs define the competencies needed to build a federal corporate culture that drives for results, serves customers, and builds successful teams and coalitions within and outside the organization.” ECQ statements are required accompaniments to any SES resume. The five requisite ECQs are:

  1. Leading Change: Leading Change hinges on the ability to establish and implement an organizational vision. It incorporates creativity and innovation, external awareness, flexibility, resilience, strategic thinking and vision.
  2. Leading People: Meeting any organization’s vision, mission and goals requires the ability to lead people in a coherent and cooperative direction. Elements of Leading People include conflict management, leveraging diversity, developing others and team building.
  3. Results Driven: Making decisions that produce high quality results is fundamental to an organization’s ability to meet its own goals and its customers’ expectations. Results Driven includes accountability, customer service, decisiveness, entrepreneurship and problem solving.
  4. Business Acumen: Business Acumen, whether derived from government, business or military experience, is a required skill for a successful SES candidate. Competencies associated with Business Acumen include financial management, human capital management and technology management.
  5. Building Coalitions: The ability to Build Coalitions internally and externally to achieve common goals is an mandatory skill for SES applicants. Building Coalitions includes partnering, political savvy, and influencing/negotiating competencies.

ECQ statements may not exceed 10,000 characters (about two single-spaced pages) in length, while expressing a rich depth and breadth of knowledge. They must be written in the Context, Challenge, Action, Results (CCAR) format, which means that ECQs are not just overall recitations of a candidate’s capabilities, but must include actual examples derived from previous work or volunteer background.

SES Resume Service:

Federal Resume Writer can be a powerful asset for you

We can help you quantify your career into a successful SES application that establishes your professional prominence. Over the past ten years, we have helped countless individuals in achieving their career goals. Let our team of professional writers and coaches lead you to a more fulfilling and lucrative career.

We have provided federal and private sector resume training for members of the U.S. Coast Guard, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), as well as Oakland and Sacramento Job Corps participants.

SES Resume Help:

Exceptional SES Resume Writing Service at Federal Resume Writer

We can help you on your journey to a prominent SES position with a step-by-step process that includes resume writing, ECQ writing and coaching to analyze your career goals and the complexities of the SES process.

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