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Services and Fees

Federal Resume Writing Services, Government Job Resume Writer, & Career Transition Services

Our Services include: 

Resume Development:  Range from GS-4/5 @ $450 to SES @ $850.00

Cover Letters:  Range from $65.00 to $100.00

Career Transition Coaching (only) @ $125.00 per hour

Job Search Management includes locating positions after the resume development and assisting with applying for other jobs @ $95.00 per hour ( A Time Sheet will Be Provided).

Interview Coaching @ $125 per hour

Updating Original Resume with Keywords for new Assessment Questions @ $95.00 per hour

WORKSHOPS AVAILABLE – Registered with SAM as a Independent Contractor


This training program may be adapted to the needs of the individual or group of students.

Program I – 2 hour session – Understanding Job Titles

This training program begins by providing many resources for finding federal jobs with multiple agencies. We begin helping employees gain a better understanding of how to transition work experience and training to other job titles within competitive service or excepted service jobs. Instruction will take the fear away from the complexities of the USAjobs.gov application process.

Program II – 2 hour Session – USAjobs.gov

The employee gains knowledge on how to understand federal job announcements and online assessment questions related to a selected position. In addition, the employee will gain confidence on how to build a profile within the system and provide the required documentation to the system.

Program III – 2 hour Session – Creating a Key Word Resume is Critical

Instruction on creating a good keyword resume is critical to the federal application process on usajobs.gov. The instruction provided will include:

  • Methods for creating an outline format resume using selected keywords from the announcement.
  • Developing statements to demonstrate proven experience blending keywords, core competencies and accomplishments.
  • Selected accomplishments will closely match keywords from the announcement and assessment questions.
  • Skills and experience gained through volunteerism are included.
  • Other related accomplishments (design awards, recognition, winning competitions etc.)
  • Work History (include unpaid work if it relates to your target positions)


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