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Services and Fees

Federal Resume Writing Services, Government Job Resume Writer, & Career Transition Services

Our Services include: 

Resume Development:   Project to be determined

Cover Letters:  Range from $65.00 to $100.00

Career Transition Coaching (only) @ $125.00 per hour

Job Search Management includes locating positions after the resume development and assisting with applying for other jobs @ $95.00 per hour ( A Time Sheet will Be Provided).

Interview Coaching @ $125 per hour

Updating Original Resume with Keywords for new Assessment Questions @ $95.00 per hour



This training program may be adapted to the needs of the individual or group of students.

Program I – 2 hour session – Understanding Job Titles

This training program begins by providing many resources for finding federal jobs with multiple agencies. We begin helping employees gain a better understanding of how to transition work experience and training to other job titles within competitive service or excepted service jobs. Instruction will take the fear away from the complexities of the USAjobs.gov application process.

Program II – 2 hour Session – USAjobs.gov

The employee gains knowledge on how to understand federal job announcements and online assessment questions related to a selected position. In addition, the employee will gain confidence on how to build a profile within the system and provide the required documentation to the system.

Program III – 2 hour Session – Creating a Key Word Resume is Critical

Instruction on creating a good keyword resume is critical to the federal application process on usajobs.gov. The instruction provided will include:

  • Methods for creating an outline format resume using selected keywords from the announcement.
  • Developing statements to demonstrate proven experience blending keywords, core competencies and accomplishments.
  • Selected accomplishments will closely match keywords from the announcement and assessment questions.
  • Skills and experience gained through volunteerism are included.
  • Other related accomplishments (design awards, recognition, winning competitions etc.)
  • Work History (include unpaid work if it relates to your target positions)


Executive Consulting That Can Land You Top Federal Jobs


An executive position in the federal government offers many opportunities for serving your country and also brings great benefits to you and your family. Applications for such positions go through a rigorous screening and a selection process.


If you want to be hired for these offices, consult with Federal Resume Writer and get yourself ready for the next big step in your career.

SES Consulting Services: Get Hired as a Government Executive

The Senior Executive Service (SES) is a crucial part of the government, established in 1978 through the Civil Service Reform Act. It covers all managerial, policy, and executive positions above the General Schedule grade 15 and other similar positions in the executive branch of the US government.


The pay scale (2015) for members of the SES starts at:

  • SES Level 1 – $203,700
  • SES Level 2 – $183,300
  • SES Level 3 – $168,700
  • SES Level 4 – $158,700
  • SES Level 5 – $148,700

Members of the SES are selected by the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM), an agency dedicated to making the American Federal Government “a model employer” by taking care of civil servants and maintaining high quality of service.

There are four types of appointments for the SES, namely:

  • Career appointments – Candidate must possess qualifications approved by the Qualifications Review Board (QRB) convened by OPM
  • Non-career appointments – An appointment is approved on a case by case basis.
  • Limited Term Appointment – An appointment may last for up to 3 years, depending on the nature of the project.
  • Limited Emergency Appointment – An appointment can last 18 months.

The SES oversees the management of the projects and resources of US federal agencies. Because of its important work, the SES screens application thoroughly and require leaders with exceptional leadership and business skills.

Our consulting services can bolster your chances of landing an SES position. We will help you prepare the appropriate documents and create the resume that will prove your credibility and competence for the job you want.

Executive Career Coach: Be Guided By Industry Experts

Leading the nation’s army of civil servants is a tall order. Members of the SES serve the federal government and the public by ensuring that the United States government is “responsive to the needs, policies, and goals of the Nation and otherwise, is of the highest quality.”

An SES position performs the following functions:

  • Directs the work of one organizational unit
  • Supervises other employees
  • Exercises vital policy-making and other related functions
  • Monitors progress towards organizational goals
  • Has accountability for the success of a specific program or project

Federal Resume Writer will help you understand the challenges and demands of federal jobs to help you make the right decision for your career. Our career coaches are experts in training federal agency personnel, and our ten years of experience include training the US Coast Guard, FBI, and the IRA.

Executive Career Services by Federal Resume Writer

At Federal Resume Writer, our passion is helping people land their dream job. We create impressive resumes and technical documents required for applications and job inquiries. Our services also include coaching and training to increase your confidence in pursuing your career.

We offer all these services at affordable professional rates, especially to servicemen and women, veterans, long-time federal employees, and differently-abled people. We believe everyone should be afforded equal career opportunities and this is our way of fulfilling that vision.

Start building your career with Federal Resume Writer. Let our expert services help you land the executive position you want! Call us at (888) 247-3786 today!


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