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Army Civilian Jobs

: How to Get a Job with the Department of Defense

The U.S. Department of Defense now has more than 800,000 civilians in the federal civil service; meanwhile, the Army employs more than 300,000 civilians. These workers are not soldiers; they are career employees in fields from psychology to veterinary medicine. Unbeknownst to many American civilians, many career opportunities await in the Department of Defense and other federal offices.

US Army Civilian Jobs

: Two Fast Tips to Ace Your Application

1. Prepare Your Federal Resume

To create your federal resume, you must first understand the standard data necessary, as well as how to organize it. There are no resume length requirements for Army jobs; however, your resume should be concise and straight to the point. A short yet direct resume proves that your experience speaks for itself.

2. Ask Yourself, Do I Have the Experience Required?

Like any other job, Army civilian jobs rely on the potential employee having the necessary experience. To be accepted, you must have the experience, knowledge, and skills required to do the job. Make sure to highlight the experience on your resume that you feel most qualifies you for the position desired.

Civilian Jobs in the Army

: What’s in Store for You

Army civilian jobs exist within the U.S. and at several international locations, including Germany, Belgium, Kuwait, and Japan. Upon acceptance, you may deploy to an international Army outpost. If you are considering a career as a civilian worker within a specific military branch, you should visit the civilian service website of that particular branch because most positions now offer an online application.

Most federal civilian jobs also require you to fill out an occupational questionnaire and submit it with your resume and other supporting documents. Check the military branch’s website to ascertain the requirements before submitting your application.

Benefits of

Army Civilian Careers

The Department of Defense and the Department of the Army give each employee a competitive benefits package. Benefits are subject to change and may vary slightly by position and location, but typically include:

  • Flexible schedules and the potential to telecommute
  • Family and medical leave
  • Family-friendly workplace (many with childcare centers)
  • 10 paid holidays each year, along with 13 days of sick leave per year
  • Approximately 26 vacation days per year
  • Numerous health insurance plan choices

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