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Find a career even if you’re already in your 40’s and 50’s! The Federal Resume Writer provides expert hand to veterans who earned their campaign medals and honorable discharge, including those who are disabled, in the pursuit of a job they dream of within the federal government.

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for the Returning Military and Veterans in Career Transition

When you return home there is a fear because you are unfamiliar with jobs that are a good fit or pay.

Most daunting when you know the disability you sustained from military service may be an obstacle to building a new future.

The Federal Resume Writer was founded more than 10 years ago to help this particular sector of our society. We’ve witnessed the plight of veterans who returned home after serving in the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Reservists, honored yet lost in how to get a good job. Skilled but unable to find new jobs, loyal in service but unwillingly hindered by disabilities.

We remain, and we have proven over the years, that no matter what’s the physical condition of a veteran, there’s a place for him to continue succeeding under the sun.

The Federal Resume Writer has chosen to specialize in providing expert assistance to veterans in career transition. From military to federal employment where they can enjoy numerous benefits and privileges that patriots like them deserve.

We’ve made it a mission to open doors of opportunity in the federal government by acquiring expertise in the federal hiring process. From resume writing and preparation of other documentary requirements to searching for the right jobs and winning the race.

As a testimony to our success, we have even provided resume training for both federal and private sectors belonging to the following federal agencies;

  • US Coast Guard
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • US Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Oakland and Sacramento Job Corps participants

Our services cover the following:

  • Career Changes: From military to careers in the US Federal Government
  • Federal Government Employees to Promotion or transfer or displaced
  • Career Promotions
  • Starting a New Career at 40
  • Finding New Careers for veterans over 50 years old
  • Online Job Search: national and abroad
  • Resume Writing with Target Keywords
  • Resume Formats as Required by Every Federal Agency
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We offer career guide programs including webinars, to facilitate job searches, application, and success.

One of these programs is called “Military to Civilian Transition Job Search Survival” Program. It only takes 6 hours, but you’re guaranteed to be adequately equipped with the right resources and knowledge after completing it:

Program I: 2 hour session – Understanding Job Titles in the Private Sector/Civilian World

We begin by providing client-veterans with multiple resources for finding employment in the federal government. You will learn how to assess veteran preference advantage, of which veterans are entitled concerning federal jobs.

Moreover, you will also gain important information on the transition of military job titles to private sector/civilian job titles. There are a number of useful tools that will connect you to the right job, just like VAforvets.va.gov, FedsHireVets.gov, Pathways2Purpose.org, Vforcestaffingsolutions.com, Onetonline.org Crossroads, etc. We will then provide you with comprehensive instructions to facilitate your application for position that suit your qualifications, from Wage Grade or so-called blue collar jobs to professional or administrative (GS 5/9/11) government work.

Program II: 2 hour Session – Where the Jobs Are

Next, we will also provide you with other instructions that are contained in our veteran programs and resources for finding employment opportunities. Included in these programs are internships, apprenticeships, trainee jobs, and graduate/student programs. Statistics are also presented along with professional career fields in a federal agency, such as:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Administrative and Program Management
  • Information and Technology
  • Budget Analytics
  • Security and Protection, Etc.

Program III: 2 hour Session – Creating a Keyword Resume is Critical

You will receive vital information in formulating keyword-blended and core competency resume. This technique is very critical due to the kind of technology that ‘s now used in job search systems. Monitoring these computerized and customized systems are numerous federal agencies and the Office of Personnel Management.

You may also subscribe to our Career Guide Program: Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Guide – The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Job for Soldiers. We assure you that our professional fees are very affordable. We even offer federal resume review for free.
TAP is composed of 4 sections:

  • Readiness – We will guide you in planning your job search and application in a highly-systematic way so that no valuable time is wasted.
  • Confidence – You will be trained by a certified coach so you’ll be 100% prepared for all of your job interviews.
  • Acquisition – We will search and take every golden opportunity in order to build up a new career for you.
  • Follow Up – Right preparation and the right dose of perseverance are the key to your success.
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that Looks after Your Welfare

Here are some tips to help you with your job quest:

  1. Focus. Determine the type of job or career you’re interested in. Next, make a list of job opportunities based on your interest and passion. Write a resume that highlights your skills and other major qualifications.
  2. Tailor. You must then use your original draft to create more resumes appropriate for each company or agency you intend to apply to. Review your qualifications and select those skills and experiences that you think a company will be deeply interested in.
  3. Translate. Avoid military terminologies, write explicitly.
  4. Select the best format: chronological, functional, or a combination of both depending which of these will best present you as a potential asset.

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