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Best Jobs for Transitioning Military

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Best Jobs for Transitioning Military

If you’re planning to leave the service or have already left, one of the things that are probably on your table is finding a new career. It may be quite a challenge to look for something that will fit your military training. You may have to lower down your expectations or even your salary requirements. However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you look high and low for a promising new career path.

Here are some civilian jobs that are in demand today and may suit your skill set well:

  • Management Consultant – since you’ve had good training in the military, you can help clients who are in need of leadership and organizational assistance. Your discipline, knowledge, and dedication can help thriving companies survive during tough economic times. If this job interests you, you can earn up to $200,000 in a year. Usually, candidates for this job are required to have an MBA. But your management training in the military should cover this requirement.
  • Logistics Analyst – if you’ve had experience in managing supply chains, tracking inventory and transporting supplies in the military, then you’re a perfect candidate for this job. The industry of commerce is continuously growing and will have thousands of positions to fill in in the coming years. A logistics analyst can earn up to $89,000 annually.
  • Pilot – it’s true that airline pilots don’t make as much as military pilots. However, flying a commercial aircraft has many family-friendly aspects that no veteran can resist – especially those with young children. If you love flying, this job is perfect for you. Your life will revolve around being in the air rather than being on multiple combat tours. You can make as much as $163,000 every year with this career.
  • FBI Agent – since a veteran like you is already used to a structured chain of command; you wouldn’t have a hard time taking on the job of an FBI agent. You’ll surely meet the physical requirements, and you’ll earn as high as $154,000 annually.
  • Security Manager – this job pays $115,000 per annum. Not bad for someone who will supervise the security staff and implement security standards. The skills that you’ve learned from the service will help you effectively plan and coordinate all activities involved in this position.
  • Training and Development Specialist – your keen observance to detail will make you an excellent candidate for this job. Here, you will design, create and implement training programs to help your clients’ employees to enhance their skills. Through conducting surveys and interviews, you will be able to develop training programs and materials for your target market. Your yearly paycheck should be around $83,300.
  • Intelligence Analyst – if you land a job as an intelligence analyst, you will earn $121,000 every year. Your main role here is to gather and analyze data to come up with an effective plan to beat the competitors. If you’ve trained to sift through information in the military, your skills are in high demand in both private and government sectors.

Upon leaving the service and building a new career path, one thing is for sure: whatever you have learned in uniform, you can make good use of in the boardroom.

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