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Best Resume Format for Government Jobs: Tried & Tested Guidelines

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Best Resume Format for Government Jobs: Tried & Tested Guidelines

Working in the government is a very great opportunity not just for income but also for longevity and stability in career. This is basically one of the reasons why there is a stiff competition among those who are applying for work in the government. Hence, if you are applying for a job in the government, you have to make sure that you will get the attention of the employer/recruiter in applying for a job.

If you have any intention in working for the government, you need to have a strong and effective resume as well as other supporting documents.

Here are some basic tips in coming-up with a best resume format for government job:

1. Keep it short and straightforward

Some of us want to write in our resume all of our accomplishments and work experiences. This should not be the case. Your resume is a not a storyboard of who you are and what you have. You just have to include work experiences that are relevant to the government position that you are applying for. List your skills, abilities, and educational background in a simple and factual way. Arrange your achievements and work experiences from present to past. In presenting yourself in your resume, just focus in these areas – achievements, certifications, skills and areas of expertise.

2. State Your Objective

It is very important that you are clear and obvious in your objective of applying for a work in the government. In your resume, state your career goals and what position you are applying for.

3. Summary

At the first page of your resume, provide a summary of your abilities, strengths and qualification. It will be great if you include pertinent keywords in your resume so that it can be easily seen in databases of job-posting websites. If you have certifications or licenses, include its details in the first page of your resume. Also, put emphasis in your accomplishments and recognitions. Present these details in a bulleted list for easy reading.

4. Honesty

There are some people who “oversell” themselves in their resume, to the point that it becomes an exaggeration. This practice is not for the best resume format. Always remember that government conducts background check to their applicants.

5. Reader-friendly

Avoid a cluttered-look of your resume. As mentioned earlier, make it short and straight to the point. Leave spaces between paragraphs and sections. Also, you can include headings so that the details will be presented accordingly and orderly. This practice allows easy reading and review of your resume.

Meanwhile, there are credible and certified resume writer companies that help applicants in preparing an effective resume for their job application in the government. One good example for this is the federalresumewriter.com. This company provides excellent professional resume that will stand-out against the employment competition in the federal government. Aside from assisting fresh college graduates in finding jobs in the government, the federalresumewriter.com also helps in assisting federal employees who want to change positions or have career advancement training. Do not ever forget to include keywords in your resume. This enables easy scouting by employers/recruiters for new employees who are fit for the government positions that are vacant.

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