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Starting a new life after military service is daunting for many. One of the challenges is finding new work; if possible, pursue a different career. Federal Resume Writer makes it possible for US veterans, especially for the disabled, to begin a new exciting chapter in their lives with new jobs and new hopes.

Cover Letter for Federal Job

: The Starting Point of Your Career Change

The Federal Resume Writer was founded in 2002 to help our returning war veterans establish a new career after their military service. We especially assist disabled veterans to find their dream jobs and realize there’s a bright future even after a misfortune.

This country deeply appreciates all the members of our Armed Forces for their loyal service and sacrifices. We at Federal Resume Writer have been coordinating with federal agencies to open doors of opportunities for our much-deserving veterans.

These are the kinds of assistance that we offer so we can help you make a successful transition from military to civilian life and career advancement:

  • Career Changes: From military to careers in the federal government
  • Finding a New Career at 40
  • New Careers for over 50
  • Career Promotions
  • Online Job Search: USA and overseas
  • Building a Resume
  • Resume Formats for Different Federal Agencies

Federal Resume Writer has over 10 years of experience in assisting veterans find jobs they love and enjoy. Many have been successful in building new careers even after 40 and 50. We have also helped a good percentage of our disabled veterans get federal employment and fulfill their dreams of a bright, stable future.

We’ve attained success in these endeavors through excellent relations with the federal government. We have given federal and private sector resume training to the following important federal agencies;

  • US Coast Guard
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • US Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Oakland and Sacramento Job Corps participants

We Use a Target Keyword in every

Federal Cover Letter

to Improve Your Chance of Getting Hired

The federal government is the biggest employer in the United States with numerous privileges and benefits. But, getting hired by the US government is not an easy task, especially for veterans. The military and civilian worlds are very different, from hiring processes and types of responsibilities.

But, this does not mean that the skills and discipline you’ve learned from your military service are unsuitable for federal careers. They are, in fact, your leverage! You just need to do your federal job application the RIGHT way.

This is where we can help you as Federal Career Experts. The Federal Resume Writer offers the following services to attain the kind of job you want or career you dream of building after your military service:

  • Career Consulting
  • Federal Job Search
  • Jobs for Disabled Veterans
  • Federal Resume Writing
  • Interview Coaching Services
  • Senior Executive Services: Consulting and Resume Writing Services

First, we’ll start with Qualification Analysis to assess to which kind of federal job you would perfectly fit in.

Second, we will make a list of recommended job titles for your consideration based on the Federal Family Group of government jobs. For this Federal Job Application Package, we estimate our services and fees accoring to www.usajobs.gov as our main resource.

Third, we then formulate your cover letter and resume for the federal job application. This is very important since government agencies require specific qualifications and formats that must be met by every job applicant.

A job applicant must also be an expert in highlighting their skills and accomplishments that the hiring federal agency is interested in. But many applicants fail in this since they are not familiar with government terminologies and processes. They also fail to use the right keywords in their job applications.

We at the Federal Resume Writer are fully-tested experts in federal hiring processes. That’s why we also use appropriate keywords in formulating your resume along with its cover letter, broadcast letters, network contact letters, follow-up letters, and other job search correspondence. The agencies take faster notice of job applications which are in sync with their own communication style.

How to Come Up with the Most Effective

Government Cover Letter

Want to learn more and succeed in a new career?
Here is our 6-hour “Military to Civilian Transition Job Search Survival” program to which you can subscribe:

  • Program I: 2 hour session – Understanding Job Titles in the Civilian World

This training program starts with the provision of many resources for finding jobs, specifically for returning military and veterans. You will gain an understanding on how to study veteran preference advantage of which veterans like you are entitled regarding federal jobs.

In addition, you will have a clearer understanding on the transition of military job titles to civilian job titles. Several tools will be made available to connect you to the right work/career, such as Onetonline.org Crossroads, VAforvets.va.gov, and other resources. You will then be given extensive instructions to help in the application for positions that are a good match to your military and educational backgrounds, from Wage Grade (blue collar) to professional/administrative (GS 5/9/11) government work.

  • Program II: 2 hour Session – Where the Jobs Are

More helpful instructions are provided in the available veteran programs and resources for locating employment opportunities. These programs even cover recent graduate/student programs, apprenticeships, trainee jobs, and internships which result to job security. We also provide relevant statistics and federal agency professional career fields, such as:

  • Security and Protection
  • Administration and Program Management
  • Budget Analysts
  • Information and Technology
  • Human Resources and many more.

Through these resources, we are opening doors of career opportunities for many veterans (http://data.wherethejobsare.org).

  • Program III: 2 hour Session – Creating a Keyword Resume is Critical

We will provide you with clear instructions on developing a core competency and key word-blended resume. This is highly-critical in today’s computerized and customized systems of job search that are monitored by the multiple federal agencies and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

The instruction provided will include:

  • Methods for the evaluation of job postings for a match-up of criteria
  • Formulating statements to demonstrate proven experience along with demonstrated accomplishments in order to highlight the specialized experience
  • Work experience based on your military and academic achievements (you should include your GPA if it’s over 3.0)
  • Skills and experiences you had gained during internships and Work Study programs
  • Other relevant accomplishments (military awards, recognitions, victories in competitions, etc.)
  • Work History (you should include unpaid and volunteer work if they are relevant to your target positions)

With our caring expertise at the Federal Resume Writer, you will soon land on your dream job!

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