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Transitioning from a military job to a civilian job requires extensive preparation. Although there are many jobs available, military resumes and private industry resumes are written substantially different. Having a well-written and professionally-edited resume will generate successful applications and land you a great career in the civilian world. Please sign-up for resume editing services by Career Ladders, Inc. today! You won’t regret it.


Writing and Resume Editing: Why You Need Professional Services

Writing your own resume gives you the freedom to showcase all your skills, achievements, and experiences, but with others competing for the same position as you, our resume editing services will come in handy to make sure that you provide details that match the job posting, and use the proper key words and language for transitioning your career.

Working with a professional resume writer from Career Ladders, Inc. allows you strategize and produce an interview-winning resume for your targeted positions. With over 1,500 military and veteran resumes written since 2002, you can trust that our team will help you effectively translate military jargon into civilian language that will absolutely make your resume noticeable to a future employer.

According to Kathryn Troutman’s book, The Job Seeker’s Guide, Ten Steps to a Federal Job, unlike the typical private industry resume, a federal resume exceeds 3 pages and may often be up to 7 or more pages,. At Career Ladders, we suggest that you provide all military documentation such as (performance evaluations, DD214, awards, transcripts) so we can extract details and write in-depth descriptions of your past duties and accomplishments.

Professional Resume Writing and Resume Editing

: Ideal for Army to Civilian Career Transitions or Military to Civilian Transitions

Trusting a professional in rewriting or building a new resume will give you the confidence in knowing that you have a proper document for employers to notice. All the skills that you have acquired during your service in the military will not go to waste in your future jobs when they are accurately enumerated and showcased in your resume.

Here are the benefits of hiring a professional resume writing service such as Career Ladders, Inc.:


  • Knowledge of specific Criteria required by the Office of Personnel Management and Qualification Standards as well as KSAs – We have been writing federal resumes for veterans in transitioning from the Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Coast Guard, and National Guard for many years and offer more than just resume writing and editing services, but also advice and career coaching to establish career goal based on your background. There are a few things to keep in mind when writing your resume.
  • Quality Resume Writing – By entrusting your resume to us, we promise to bring you an attention-grabbing resume that highlights your accomplishments, competencies, and experiences.

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing your resume:


  • Basic information – Name, contact information, citizenship, whether you claim veteran’s preference, federal employee information, all need to be included.
  • Work experience– Employer, location, position title, start and end date, average hours worked per week, responsibilities, and accomplishments.
  • Education – Schools attended and degrees obtained are required. You may also include grade point averages, relevant coursework taken, academic papers or projects, key presentations, honors received, other important accomplishments.
  • Job-related training – Any seminars or classes that are relevant to your professional development.
  • Volunteering – Considered to be work experience. Everything in life experience as well.
  • Affiliations –Professional associations you are a part of. Include leadership roles and volunteer experiences related to the job description.
  • Language skills – List all languages spoken or understood. Also include the level of proficiency.
  • Professional Publications – Mention publications you have contributed to, including the date and name of the publication.
  • References – Provide professional references who can vouch for your character, work ethic, and reliability. This adds to your credibility as an applicant.

Best Federal Resume Writing Services

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With our most affordable professional fees, our team provides you the best resume writing and editing services that you need for a smooth military to civilian career transition. Our reliable federal resume writers and editors meet critical demands and deadlines. We spend time communicating with each client in order to effectively write a competent resume that will highlight your qualifications to land the career of your dreams.

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