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USA Train-the-Trainers To Assist Returning Military

Veterans experience fear when returning due to the lack of understanding the complexities of modern day job search. We have launched a new website for nonprofits, agencies and corporations begin learning how to help our military. We are the Federal Employment and Job Search Experts who recently formed our team to make a difference for returning veterans. Please visit our website: www.amazingpathways.com as we are ready to travel and assist our nation as train-the-trainers or for many military service groups. Please consider the experts!

Federal Resume Writer can prepare you for a job via interview training, resume writing, and cover letters.

Our veterans deserve respect and honor and there is no better way to give them that than to have good paying jobs waiting for them when they return home. Fortunately, this is exactly why Federal Resume Writer exists! Our job is to serve those who have served us selflessly. It is important for us as a society to ensure our veterans make the transition from military life to the civilian life as seamlessly as possible, and this can’t be done without a veteran knowing that he or she can easily get a job to take care of their loved ones when they return home. For us, this is not just a business, but also a moral obligation, and one we do not take lightly.

Having said this, veterans should not expect a job to be handed to them just because they served our country as most of these jobs are in businesses set out to make profit. While serving our country gives any veteran some unique advantages, military training on its own is not enough to get and keep a typical civilian job. This is where Federal Resume Writer comes in. We can help you through such tools as interview training, resume writing and writing irresistible cover letters.

Truth is while most veterans understand the rules of engagement in a war or combat situation, they have no clue what the rules of engagement are in interpersonal communications such as interviewing for a job. Just like how combat skills need to be learnt, so also does interviewing skills need to be learnt. No one is born with this skill and this news should be gratifying to any veteran who is scared that he or she might not fit into civilian life. We offer such training and have delivered excellent results. All our clients have had jobs within a few months of joining our training program and we are viewed as an industry leader in this regard.

Before you even get an interview slot, your prospective employer will need to see a resume. This is another scary area for most veterans as you do not need to write a resume to enlist in the US military but you definitely need one to “enlist” in any company. Luckily, we take the mystery out of resume writing and guide you through the entire process of producing a resume that is difficult to overlook. Yes, this is the key to an exceptional resume “it must be such that the first page captures the attention of the reader” and we have several examples for you to glean from. We also have counselors who will help you craft that resume that makes you stand out.

Finally, while most people think that the cover letter is outdated, we beg to differ. In fact, it is precisely because of this that writing a good cover letter has become the singular most differentiating factor in landing that dream job. The secret to writing an effective cover letter is not to state what is already in your resume, but to elaborate on that singular skill or event that would have been awkward to do in a resume but still makes you stand out.

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