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Since 2002, our company has provided an exemplary career development/training service. Our clientbase includes 1000+ military/veterans, disabled veterans, federal employees, and recent college graduates. The service begins with a review of background and education that will be transitioned into a new career. After several sessions the new career is discovered. A career that is a good fit and leads to a successful future. This is critical to the next step… a new resume is created to clearly demonstrate the relevant experience and a verifiable track record of success. The certified resume writer/coach is an expert and will not only help write the resume but provide each individual with an understanding of the complexities of the federal application process. Ultimately, the results are positive, building confidence that is key to a successful job search. We show you how to get a job that will be the career of your dreams. Please visit www.federalresumewriter.com; www.careerladdersinc.com; hireaveteranfirst.com.


Everyone Needs to Walk A Mile in the Shoes of a Veteran

I understand veterans due to my experience interviewing, coaching, and assisting with writing their resumes.

I began in 2003 assisting Chapter 31 veterans who returned from the Bosnian War and Desert Storm/Desert Shield to OIF and OEF wars. As I was an authorized contractor who was paid a fairly good rate.

After assisting over 1000+ for 10 years you truly begin to understand what veterans go through. First of all, when a veteran returns their immediate needs is to gain employment.

But in my opinion, a veteran needs to be listened to and appreciated. I lent a good listening ear to many. I heard many, many stories and realized how much they sacrificed for us.

One of my very first clients …I will call him Bill. He served in the Desert Storm war and returned to a sad situation with his family. He had to take care of his mother who was seriously ill and didn’t have any income after returning home. He struggled between wanting to earn a living and taking care of his mother. The funding for medical bills was running low and he found that his mother was slowly losing everything. I worked with him to find a job after she had passed away and lost her home. He had no place to live. My key role was to build his confidence and keep him motivated in pursuing employment. I had to interview him one time at a phone booth. I continued to work with him above and beyond because I wanted to and not charging for my time.

My work with him had positive results he soon found a good paying job and was a productive citizen again. Over the years, I continued to work with veterans and began to hear more sad stories and again had to motivate and empower them to pursue employment. Each individual was important to me and I worked hard everyday to assist them. I found myself having so much energy and enthusiasm because of the positive results.

In 2013, I no longer work as a contractor for veterans. There are many new organizations forming. That is wonderful!  During the time I worked with veterans, I truly enjoyed making a difference for them.

I believe after 10 years of working with veterans I  have a good understanding the importance of taking a veteran from step 1  to step 10.  Upon their return from Iraq or Afghanistan each nonprofit should begin coaching and mentoring each individual one-on-one because they need to be treated with the utmost respect and appreciation. I would like to share my experiences with others who work with veterans so they understand how to create and develop a program that will require all staff to understand the culture of military service and jobs they understand the jobs they held in the military and how to help them transition. Otherwise they will get lost and get jobs that will not meet their needs. A focus should be made on career fulfillment based on education and training.

There are many new nonprofits forming that are serving our military/veterans now. I am currently still an advocate. I belong to many face book groups. I am also an active participant of the MilitaryOneSource.mil and the Diverse Military job fairs.

I have moved forward now with other paths. I still assist military/veterans when they contact me and offer free advice whenever I can.  I wish all veterans the best when they return home and hope that all the organizations serving our military treat them well.  With all the new nonprofits forming I feel it is important for them to understand that staff must be trained well in order to guide them effectively with accurate information.

To all who served and are returning home I thank you for your service.

With All My Heart Thank You.




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